Negative Z Values needed for Milling using Repetier Firmware.

Trying to use Repetier Firmware for Milling a PCB board.  All currently discovered programs require setting the zero at the top of the board and milling down into the board (-Z values).

How I do to enable Repetier-Firmware to move the bed in -Z values?


  • so you should have endstop at z-max.

    set #define min_software_endstop_z false

  • Wow, that makes sense and is easy to do!

    I'll give that a try, thanks!!!
  • Firmware accepts negative z values. Homing to max is also nice. Go to reference level then and do G92 Z0 to set it zero.

    In Repetier-Host select cnc mode to allow negative values and show transformed positions, otherwise it shows global positions including all offsets.
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