Checksum error and Dead-time

I actually have 2 questions:

1- I have been useing repetier firmware 0.91. I modified thefirmware a couple of times, adjusting configurations, testing them, etc.
I now upgraded to 0.92 . Everything seems to work ok. But there is just a detail: everytime I star the repetier host, I can see an error: "bad checkum" . Why Im haveing this error? Anyway, I dont see a failure, I can print without issues so far.

2- Last question: I read an article in the repetier page, saying that dead time control would be better than PID, So I decided to try it. I set temp control to 3 in configuration.h So far is ok I meassured the dead-time following the instructions in the repetier article:
But my temperature is always 1.5 / 2 / 3 degrees below of the set temperature, what Im doing wrong? The article talks about useing 100 degrees as target temp. My printing temp is 250 degrees (PET), might this high temp be the problem? Should I increase the value of deadtime (actual value is 7.8 seconds) or decrease it?

Thanks in advance


  • 1. Ignore it. At startup sending might start too early or miss some bytes causing the error. It gets fixed automatically.
    2. Yes calibrate with higher temperatures. There cooling is faster changing the behaviour. Also check that power for dead time is such that up and down swings are nearly the same in time. That should reduce the difference. If nothing helps switch back to well working PID which is better near extruder temp. limits.
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