What is the setting in the firmware that will slow down the feed rate of the extruder?


  • extr 1 steps per mm   my setting for a prusa i3 is 120

    But search for a youtube vid that desciebs how to calibrate the extruder

    soon i will have a awesome extruder calibration vid :)
  • I have a ZoneStar P802MA w/V1.9 firmware.   My filament extruder motor does not seem to want to operate properly either in print mode or in manual operation. The only movement I can get out of it is a very slight forward and backward fast oscillation that is approximately .5mm in either direction and at a very fast rate. This movement is realized when ever the extruder motor is called upon to operate, either in normal printing or in manual mode attempting a filament advance. Apparently the extruder motor is receiving a signal but obviously the wrong signal. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, is there a cure. This is a brand new printer and I have not yet had a single item printed on it. I purchased this from Ali Express.
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