extruder not powering on in manual control

I am configuring my first printer and trying to test everything before I send a print. 
I have wrestled with various firmwares and finally seem to be getting good motor control using Repetier Host V1.6.1 (Windows)  and Repetier Firmware 0.92.9 on a Ramps 1.4 board with an Arduino Mega.

IN manual mode I can home the print head but when I try to manually extrude the extruder motor doesn't turn. 
When I unplug the extruder motor from it's motor controller on the Ramps board, and plug it into the X motor controller it turns fine so I know the wiring of the stepper is correct. I've also run a simple arduino test program and it's working fine.  So it seems as if somewhere in the Repetier firmware I have a setting wrong, or I don't understand how the manual control is supposed to work. 
Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated. 
Also - where can I find a list of g-code commands that are supported?



  • I found another thread with feedback that helped solve my problem. I issued an M302 S1 command and it allowed the manual extruder motor to work.

    How does that work? I had wondered if it was a function of temp so I had previously set the temp to something fairly low (50C) and saw that it went up to temp, but still the extruder didn't work. Is it checking against some value set in firmware?

    I am SO Happy this is working. It has been months of work on and off messing around with other firmwares. Now I'm off to figure out how the z probe works and get this thing calibrated...


  • to move the extruder manually there is a minimum temperature in firmware.
    in mine it´s set to 160 degrees . so usually you heat extruder and it only can move when filament begins melting,
    thats the reason for that.
    Set your extruder for temp 180 deg and try again
  • thanks for your reply. where is that min temp set?
  • edited April 2016

    search for    #define MIN_EXTRUDER_TEMP

    it´s located in configuration.h

    anyway , i wouldn´t Change it as you will start grinding Filament when operating Extruder at low temp

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