Oval Printing after Correction Diagonal A,B,C in EEPROM

I need a help with my Delta(Zam's Kossel).  I had a problem in z leveling. When the nozzle went to ends of the heated bed, it moves a little bit up and the nozzle draws arc above the heated bed. After the process of doing trial and error job, finally I solved the problem with putting correction diagonal for A,B and C. But my printer started to printing oval shapes when I print circular shapes. Actually, the oval shape occurs along the x axis.

How can I solve this problem? Thanks.


  • Also, I detect another problem. The printed part has negative difference in dimensions compared to actual design dimensions. For example, I wanted to print 32mm diameter disk, but it printed approximately 30mm in dimension(max), oval shaped.
  • Main problem is that you are solving one error by introducing a new error. Not sure what your correction values are but they have a too big impact on real geometry. So first check the real printer diagonals and if they really differ that much as you said.

    On github you have a test object to correct diagonals to match physical dimension.

    Maybe you are better off if you correct geometry and reduce the z error with the z distortion correction of the firmware.
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