Does anyone have ANY idea what this error is all about?

Okay, it's pretty clear to me now that arduino is a VERY wonky and difficult program to work with.  I really do wonder how anyone has any success using it because I will simply open a file and verify it and it comes out great.  I'll make no changes, come back 15 min later and run the verify again and it has a new set of "errors" for me to clean up.  It's getting a bit old now, but anyway, here is the latest rather random "error" after running a verification.  Clearly it missed this the last time I verified it 30 min prior LOL

In file included from /ui.h:1341,
                 from /Repetier.h:288,
                 from Commands.cpp:22:
uimenu.h:751: error: expected `}' before 'UI_MENU_ADJROD'
uimenu.h:751: error: expected ',' or ';' before 'UI_MENU_ADJROD'
uimenu.h:751: error: expected declaration before '}' token

So am I supposed to be adding in a "}" where it tells me to in unimenu, or?  If anyone is familiar with what this is and why it is happening I would love to hear.  This has become VERY tedious at this point but we do need to put these errors out here in order to get solutions and to have them recorded for when others encounter them, because they definitely will, LOL.  Thanks!


  • This line here in unimenu.h is apparently the problem?  Not sure why, because it was fine 45 min ago LOL.  Sigh...


  • What is UI_MENU_ADJROD, we do not have this variable/macro in our firmware. Also my line 751 looks different. So I assume you have modified menu causing the error. Often the error is before the line with the error especially with all these macros.
  • Yes, I'm reworking a firmware I have.  And yes you are correct, there was a sub-menu modification put into the firmware.  I just removed all of the code for it altogether and it goes through fine now.  Still strange though, why didn't it catch this the first time I verified?  Anyway, it's okay now.  Thank you for your help!
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