My extruder is running instead of my motors?? :/

I have hooked everything up fine on the motherboard, everything seems to be fine with the printer and the firmware as well and it compiles properly, etc.  However, when I open Pronterface to manually control, home and all of that it starts moving the extruder for X, Y and Z movements instead of the X, Y and Z motors.  Any idea why this would be??  Can't figure it out, any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Then it starts giving me this error over and over again and everything just stops:

    Warning:Invalid delta coordinate - move ignored
    Error:No move in delta segment with > 1 segment. This should never happen and may cause a problem!
    [ERROR] Error:No move in delta segment with > 1 segment. This should never happen and may cause a problem!

    Does anyone have any idea what would cause this?
  • Please check eeprom. The no move comes if you have no steps and this is most likely because steps per mm is not set correctly.

    Apart from this you might have assigned one axis to the extruder stepper socket so that it moves instead?
  • Hmmm, okay my steps per mm are all set okay and the motors seem to be assigned correctly.  Could this have something to do with messing up the endstops? Because I had hardware for max stops enabled when they shouldn't have been.  Anyway, I'm going to give the fixed firmware a shot again, we'll see how it turns out, LOL 
  • I don't get it.  Everything checks out but my extruder motor is running instead when I attempt to move the X, Y or Z motors??  I totally don't get this or why that would happen, at all.  Everything is wired, set up for pins properly, etc.  Makes no sense.
  • First verify endstops. Must be hardware max defined and trigger correctly (M119 for testing). If they trigger no up moves will occur.

    Try first make the 3 motors work for xyz. Maybe you have found what uses the extruder pins until then. It's hard to say what is wrong as there are many things you can configure wrong making unexpected things.
  • Okay, extremely simple but NEVER discussed problem.  It ended up being
    hardware based.  The jumpers were not placed on my alternate Z motor
    option so it was essentially an open circuit.  When I placed my jumpers
    side by side on the unused Z motor port everything worked fine..  Thank
    you for your help however!
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