What boards option do I choose for a GT2560??

When choosing from the drop-down in arduino to choose my board, which board do I choose to designate the GT2560 since there is no specific GT2560 option?  I stick with Mega2560 correct?  Or is there another option I should be using?


  • That worked for me on my Geeetech I3 printer. 
  • When it comes to the motherboard selection, I found the Ultimaker Shield 1.5... was an exact match to the items in the Marlin firmware that came with it. 

    For my printer, the display was the ...reprap discount...... or something like that. 

    If you have any problems, I'll gladly send you my config.h.  Things are not 100% yet, but the steppers all seem to be OK, and there were several changes that had to be made. 

  • GT2560 is identical with Mega2560 and comes from a split of Arduino into 2 companies.

    Motherboard is indepependent but most likely a RAMPS I guess if you have a separate Arduino.
  • Okay great, thank you very much!
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