wrong step/mm

I've got a new kossel mini with a mks gen v1.4. I've got already a first kossel mini with a mks mini v1.4 so I took the same firmeware for the second printer. All the second printer is exactly the same than the first.
BUT! x and y moves are wrong (+ or - 90 mm instead of 50mm oO ) If I want to go down (z) of 10 mm, it goes down of 5... Ok, I change 100step/mm by 200step/mm. Z move is ok but x and y are always wrong ( 60 instead of 50 ).
I've never seen that and I don't understand oO.
So if someone has a idea.. thanks ^^


  • jumpers?
  • Z moves on delta use the same steps for all. So either microstepping is set differently or you are using slow stepper drivers needing STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY 1.
  • year, I'm stupid... it was the jumpers lol. I've never used this motherboard so... thanks! ;)
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