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I have a i3 clone with a melzi board. Using 0.92.9 I have the x_min_pos -40 and y_min_pos -15. When homing x and y the printhead moves to end stop and stop. Sending gcode to move x and y to zero takes print head to front left of build plate. How do I get the printhead to hit end stops and move to zero during homing of x and y?


  • Easiest way is to set xy min to 0 and instead set 



  • Well count not find out to set that using gcode or the config tool on line. But located it in the source and it worked after adjusting max x and y. Thanks, now off to configure the z probe and bed leveling.
  • In config tool it is in the Mechanics -> endstop section -> Endstop distance after homing
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