Radds LCD goes Blank after longer printting time

Hi I am using an Radds LCD. after a while of rinting via usb my display goes blank and does not wake up again. what could be wrong?

after reset everything fine again.



  • Might be a communication failure with the display making it not understand send commands any more.

    Try adding

    in manual tab. Reinitalizes display every second and might help.
  • Seems like it did the job... 3hours into the print and LCD is on!

  • I've experienced the same issue on my newer radds 1.5 and lcd recently purchased from reprap.me. I don't think my other older radds board (1.1?) and lcd has had this issue.  I am running the latest version of the firmware from github.  I wouldn't mind having an auto repair that runs less frequently like every minute as the flashes from the resets every second can get annoying.  
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