board Anet V1.0 display LCD2004A with 5 buttons

Hello. I bought the board Anet V1.0 LCD2004A display with 5 buttons. Display lights, but only shows white square and 5 buttons do not work. Board communicates with the computer and the computer prints. Can you help me? Thank you for helping Mira


  • what´s your hardware/firmware setup? need more information to help
  • I do not know. There is a factory of Chinese suppliers. It did not work from the beginning
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  • what about documentation? do you have schematics for the electronic circuit?
    not working display can have many issues, even the connection from controller to display.
    if the wire is not well done for example. i see you have a multimeter. can you check cable for short circuits between pins?
    somtimes that pressed connectors make trouble.
    unconnect cable on both ends to check cable !!
    what display did you select in firmware? did you use configuration tool ?
    Video is nice, but not the information i need to help.
    can you post the configuration.h file?
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    Hello. schema nor any documentation does not. Likely Chinese clone Melzi 2.0. I have electro education. So I'm linking Measured, is in order. On board 5V it goes on the backlight on pins 15,16. brightness control, too motherboard I Measured yet 3.3V. problem will in settings or firmware.
    I'm not configure anything. I do not know how to get out of the configuration.h  image


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    so if i guess right, firmware was already installed and you just added display without doing anything else.
    so that cannot work. do you already have arduino ide installed on your computer ?
    it´s not just "plug and play" , the controller you have is not included in arduino by default.
    so you need the support for your melzi board installed also.
    anyway , ask the dealer you bought the printer about firmware files, just to see what´s actually installed.
    I´m not familiar with the melzi board , so maybe you´ll find some support respectively how to add the board in arduino forum

  • Hello Pavel, I have same printer  and display works for me. I can send you config if you tell me how to export from printer.
  • I have repetier running on my Anet A8, at least the interface and positioning are working correctly. Got a little issue with the extruder temperature sensor, though. Shouldn't be a big issue.
  • I have this board and in configuration.h it is setup up as custom lcd.

    the forum wont allow me to post the entire Configuration.h but here is the LCD settings:
    #define    HAVE_ADC_KEYPAD                true
    #define    HAVE_LCD                    true   

    #define FEATURE_CONTROLLER                 16//8

    also there is code in pins.h, locate the section for "MOTHERBOARD == 63",
    #if 1//def HAVE_LCD
    //OMNI3D UI
    #define LCD_PINS_RS         28//A3
    #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE     29//A2
    #define LCD_PINS_D4         10
    #define LCD_PINS_D5         11
    #define LCD_PINS_D6         16
    #define LCD_PINS_D7         17
    #define    ADC_KEYPAD_PIN         1//D30

    I believe that will make the lcd and buttons work.
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