Strange Radds behaviour

Hello friends, i have a delta printer, i have changed my hardware configuration from ramps to radds 1.5.
I don't use on board drivers but three leadshine dm442. These drivers work fine with arduino mega and ramps but with arduino due and radds i have same problems.

In particular everything work fine in manual move and extrusion control, but any printing session, regularly start, slow down and stop after few movements (like in the movie), after few seconda start to move properly then it slow down and stop again.

Some idea?



  • The 2 big questions are:
    1. Do you loose steps or is is just getting slow?
    2. If you have a display, what does buffer show? Should stay in high range (32 if you set it to that). When buffer runs low it will get slower to prevent underruns.

    Also did you use the potential of the due to increase Move Cache Size to 32 and Subsegments per line to 50-80. Not sure what the ram usage is, but this gives you more buffering for better speeds.

  • Thanks for you repply! I have tried this settings but the result not change, i have bought a level shifter, i think that 3.3v for step and dir signals is the problem for the leadshine driver.
  • You should first check if you are loosing steps. If you do it might be a level problem, if not a shifter will not work.

    It could also be a timing problem. Some drivers need longer high signales (STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY 1).
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    I have a similar problem. The LCD show 32 on buffer - Smartramps + AZSMZ Mini display 12864 and repetier .91 + arduino Due , the moves start and first move ok.. before next layer, a pause with one or 2 seconds, second layer runs... and again... if a big print parts used, the pause is about 2 or 3 times at the same layer
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