When I setted up precisely the stepps for X and Y motors, I marked that I have 0.15mm BackLash for Y... This is very strange, because I use a belt drive, but the fact is a fact. I tried to compensate it enabling BackLash compensation in the firmware. I put 0.15mm in the sell and flashed the firmware. The BackLash value lowers to 0.05 mm, but still exists. After that I add additional 0.05 to 0.18 and put 0.22 mm in the firmware... Nothing changed... 


  • Please check what eeprom says about backlash. I think it is stored in eeprom overwriting config settings.
    #define X_BACKLASH 0
    #define Y_BACKLASH 0.22
    #define Z_BACKLASH 0

    This is from a Configuration.h
  • Yes, but what is your eeprom saying. As I said with eeprom support is is not relevant what you write in config. Connect with repetier host and open eepsom settings to change values.

  • Thank you very much! All is OK now.

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