Connection quirk

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When I connect RH (1.0.2) to my Printrbot Metal Simple it seems to connect but none of the manual controls will work until I first go to the manual control page and click OK in the Debug Options section.  Before I do that each command I issue, say Home X, will queue up and the top bar will read 7 Commands Waiting...  8 Commands waiting etc.  

Clicking the OK in the Debug Options seems to solve the problem and I can use the printer and all of the RH features just fine after that but this does not seem normal.  Does this indicatate, perhaps, a config problem on my part?  This happens with 0.95F as well as 1.02.


pic of my PH printer comm settings:


  • I guess you have a printrboard included? These boards do not support reset on connect, so you need to disable that option. This changes a bit the expected starting behaviour.
  • Thanks. Setting Reset on Connect to Disabled fixed this problem!
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