Clarifications 3D and CNC

Hi at all 
I have some questions.
I need clarification regarding use of 0.92.9 firmware as a 3D printer and CNC.
Can i use the firmware set as 3D printer and CNC together?
How it work?
In the configurator, what are the Enable pin Spindle and Spindle Direction?(I imagine Spindle Enable is to turn on the spindle)
And for laser cutter is the same thing?
For the software part is how it works?  It can be set as the CNC or as a 3D printer using the same firmware?

Thanks you all :)


  • You can compile everything into one firmware.  As you already saw, cnc and laser can have own pins for controlling the hardware. If you do so you need to tell firmware what mode to use:

    - M450 - Reports printer mode

    - M451 - Set printer mode to FFF

    - M452 - Set printer mode to laser

    - M453 - Set printer mode to CNC

    spindle enable pin is to enable spindle and direction pin the same to set rotation direction. You can also set both to not defined and just leave it constantly running.

    You might also need these commands

    - M3 - Spindle on, Clockwise or Laser on during G1 moves.

    - M4 - Spindle on, Counterclockwise.

    - M5 - Spindle off, Laser off.

    the rest is just G0/G1/G2/G3 moves as required to do the work.

  • Thank you, is possible to have documentation about? :)

  • That was the documentation:-)

    Hope some day to find more time to update the online documentation to latest features.
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