Full Graphic Smart controller


I have a problem.
First i had a problem thtat when i insert the sd card it says thrat the card is removed. then i have changed something in the firmware and have had a 14 hour print witch stoped on 92 % with a cant read sd error. after that i can not get the LCD to read the card. i need the lcd becouse if i have a long print the repetier host stops sending signals to the printer , communication error send buffer.

Can anybody help

thank you


  • You could shield sd cable. Especially near the board it might come near heated bed/extruder/stepper cables which can interfere with signals.

    It could also be a problem with bad contacts on cable as you seem to have already problems with the autodetect pin. Sometimes the cables are not good or some solderings are bad. All this can lead to such problems.
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    Thank you i will buy new cables and try it out

    and what could be the problem when  in the middle of the print this errors comes out
    Communication timeout - reset send buffer block
  • SOlved

    Cache size raised from 63 to 127 and right now using a 20cm insulated usb cable
    no buffer errors
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