PanelDue - no signal from board

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I have a problem with my paneldue running on atmel2560 board with the last version of repetier firmware (0.92.9). The panel is connected on TXD3 and RXD3 serial port of my board. With BLUETOOTH_SERIAL 3 and JSON_OUTPUT 1 the panel can drive the printer but don't receive any data from board like nozzle temp, files from SD... 
I have do something wrong?


  • I have tried to change the serial port but same problem, I think the problem is the json implementation
  • Maybe. I still need to buy a display to test it myself, so I can not say if it is that. But since sending sd print from panel works the back channel seems to work.
  • I'm having the same problem. I just got the PanelDue connected today and it's not working right.
    It shows that the printer is idle and can move the effector but cannot list the SD card contents.
    It also only shows one of two hot ends and does not show current temperatures.
    It can heat the bed but I have no idea if it's heating to the right temp.
    I'm running a RAMBO 1.3 with Repetier .92.9. I have also tried the dev branch from github.

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