Heat Bed Won't Turn On

I just upgraded my printer to include a heat bed. I updated the firmware from 0.91 to .092 and uploaded it. The heat bed turned on and the heat seemed to stabilize. The next day I needed to change a parameter, uploaded the new firmware with the parameter change, and now the heat bed will not turn on.  No LED and no 12V at the heat bed terminals but Repetier Host thinks it's there.  Send a manual code to the board and it accepts it but still no heat bed LED. The extruder works fine. The heat bed is a 12V 200W heat bed.  Any help would be appreciated.


  • If host shows up heating in power section and it does not turn on you might have set the same pin for an other function (e.g. fan) or bed heater pin is set wrong. After a while a decoupling will be detected and printer goes in dry run disallowing heating for everything.
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