Problem: 0.9.29 dual extruder, second extruder stuck and hangs firmware


I added a second extruder to my working configuration RAMPS 1.4 with RDD fan extender.
Fans work, heater on both extruders as well.

First extruder correctly extracts/retracs.

Second extruder get's stuck when sending extract/retract GCODE to it. The motor makes once tock, then it's locked. After a while it makes another tock sound but does not move.

I switched the motors and stepper drivers. Same problem. Also switched the "Extruder Stepper" settings, same problem but on other motor.
Just to verify my hardware, I installed Marlin. Both motors work as expected.

Is this a known problem or do I need to make more changes than simply adding a second extruder in the configuration tool?

Thanks for your help and best regards


  • Please check eeprom values for second extruder. As you had one extruder before it did not initalize the values for second extruder.


    to copy everything from Configuration.h.
  • Think I have had a similar problem. Turned out that the steps per mm for the one extruder was not initialised, as Repetier said, and was still set to 0. This caused all kinds of bad things when trying to move the extruder... :)

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