DUE and I2C Display


Is there somebody in the Forum who has Due running with I2C EEProm and I2C Display/Buttons/Beeper?
Did a lot of testing but cannot get it running.
Any help would be appreciated

best regards,



  • solved
  • Hey, can I ask, what shield are you using on the Due?  I have the Pololu Rev 1a board but read it has all sorts of 'bugs'.
    I am having a hard enough time making things work.

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    hey, i have no buyable shield its a self made electronics.
    what´s the board you have exactly , couldn´t find " Pololu Rev 1a"
  • Hey,
    here is a link to the board -

    It is a RMAPS-FD board.  

    and the bugs
  • Ok, that´s why i decided to design my own board...

    mosfet outputs are mostly a problem (for example low quantity and of coarse heat issue)
    problem of nearly all that stuff is buy cheap, get cheap.
    well designed circuits usually increase cost.
    starts simply on voltage regulation , needs a kind of driver for the mosfets , good quality connectors
    and so on...

    so i think for you it´s best to follow the instructions in second link you sent.
    (but take care , due is very sensitive on voltages >3.3V on I/O Pins.
    also supply voltage of 12V is not the best for due.... should be around 9 V)

    up to now i fried 4 of them by testing in hurry...

    kind regards and good luck doing the mods :-)

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