Repetier Firmware 0.92.9

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Hi and thanks for a good firmware !

Is there any release notes for the version 0.92.9 ? What is updated-improved in this release compared to previous 0.92.8 ?

I don't have special reason when I ask you but I think it would be nice with a such
"release notes" for every release.


  • The version on github has a changelog where I try to add new important changes.

    For 0.92.8 it is
    Version 92.9
      Extruder motor mirroring.
      Fixes in autoleveling.
      Dual x axis support.
      Axis compensation now always on.
      Watchdog handling improved.
  • define XAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 80
    #define YAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 80
    #define ZAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM ....

    this, at configuration.h come today without these values (80, 80 ,etc...), doing an error on eepron.cpp , plz, check this :)
  • Please be more precise - where did the config without # came from, what is error message. I can compile.
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