Need help to setup mixing extruder first time with 0.92.9

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p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }I am setting up the first time a 3 in/1 out (diamond nozzle) in Repetier-Firmware configuration tool 0.92.9 for RAMPS 1.4 G3D with RepRapdiscount full graphics and Repetier-Host 1.6.1 Ubuntu 14.04 (also some communication problems to solve, irregular not after every upload in Repetier-Host)

If I select Mixing Extruder (1 Nozzle/heater + 3 filament feeder) the website change, but the Configuration.h give me a compile error for an undeclared TEMP_3_PIN even I also if I select SHARED_EXTRUDER_HEATER doesn't change this the configuration.h to one temp sensor

Is there an working 0.92.x example of the configuration.h for RAMPS for an manual edit to one temp sensor?

In file included
from Repetier.h:198:0,

from Extruder.cpp:22:
error: ‘TEMP_3_PIN’ was not declared in this scope


note: in expansion of macro ‘EXT2_TEMPSENSOR_PIN’


note: in expansion of macro ‘EXT2_ANALOG_CHANNEL’


note: in expansion of macro ‘ANALOG_INPUT_CHANNELS’

const uint8


  • For mixed extruder don't select shared extruder.
    Select for extruder 1 and 2 the same thermistor pin/type as for extruder 0, but set heater pin to not defined! 
    What I wonder is where you got the 3. extruder motor socket from. That one is also not defined as RAMPS has only 2 extruder sockets.
  • The physically the third, fourth and fifth are expanders from aux1 and 2
     I use stepper Motor v1.1 boards (E/S/D; D44/D64/D59;  D44/D64/D59 , D58/D57/D1 declared in Pins.h).

    Shared extruder was only to trying to get an configuration.h with one temp sensor  out the Repetier-Firmware configuration tool 0.92.9.
    But until now I get no configuration.h with one temp sensor for 3 or more filament feeds,  only after manual editing I can compile these configuration.h out this tool.

    Can I use the manual tab to write my own program part for a quick print head exchange which I can select on the controller or coded by two Digi Pins for which head  is mounted.
    Is for quick exchange with Sub-D connector(<1min, ) on my second printer between single/direct feed EXT_0, bowden dual head (chimera style EXT_1 and EXT_2) and 2 in/1out (cyclops style), these printer heads contain also the proximity sensor for Z-homing because differences in height, normal heater block or Vulcano style
  • Why can't you select the same sensor and pin? All selectors contain the same possible selections.

    Use the event system to write program extensions like detecting connected extruders, also it is not possible to change number of extruders at runtime.

    Manual tab is more for extra defines not settable in previous tabs, e.g. debugging defines or defines for your event system.
  • By manual editing i give them the same sensor, but in manual mode all three extruders run the same speed
    I will have a look later how with the configuration tool, without mixing extruder selected, if mixing extruder is selected there is no option

    First I have to solve, optimize and address several things for this configuration, after my first try to print Benchy in ABS.
    And Yes I did see different speeds for the extruders (good sign)

    Repetier-host 1.6.1 is to unstable on ubuntu 14.04, most crashes predominantly after receiving a decouple message and by checksum errors (script sending to printer) with a reboot of the 0.92.9 firmware
    The 115200 ANSI is also to slow for smooth printing, last 2 years I printed normally from SD or I have to reduce the printer steps/mm (now X/Y ~ 400/mm Z;~5000/mm extruders ~1320/mm)

  • Ok, I see the config tool removes the options as they should not be needed, but firmware uses them none the less, so I will correct the firmware to not use heater settings for other extruders.
  • Did you ever get this working?  I was told to check out this link:

    Which I did, but the configuration.h file that is present does not compile.

    I continue through the document and configure the settings in Repetier Host for virtual extruders, no idea what I am doing.
    I guess they accept RGB values but they are using CMY for mixing, Cyan and Magenta is hard to find for a decent price.

    Screw the color mixing, I just want to print in 1 color with this setup and have the correct extruder motor move, not both.

  • 1 color is simple. Make one virtual printer have the weight 100 on the color you want and 0 on all others.
  • Hi Rep, thanks for hanging in there with me.

    Weight 100 on the color I want and 0 on the others makes sense.

    I have a new issue I will make a new post about.

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