Pause function

When I print from SD 2 functions appear in the CD-menu (my menu is german, that is my translation to english!):
Print Pause
Print Stop
When I press the pause function the printer moves to a point and crashes in the bed.
I do not know where to define the gcode code for the pause function?
(Repetier 0.91 / own made tripod)


  • PS: I found in ui_menu.h the  line
    but I don't come further what to do ...

  • Upgrade to 0.92. It has a bug fix for the pause problem that should work.
  • Yes, I checked! v.92 pause works very well!
  • I have now switched to 0.92.
    I wrote to Pause Start Script: G90\nG1 Z300\nG1 X-99 Y56
    and Pause end script: empty

    With pause it stops at the described position.
    But with Print Continue it does not start at the position before the Pause!
    Probably my end script is missing?!

    What have you added?

  • I am playing around with the Pause Function - and I do not get it to work!

    1.If I erase the Pause start script - then the tripod goes to a new position, Z- same as point of pause Y=135 X=0
    (I have no idea whrere those values came from!!)

    2. If I press pause on Z=0 then the nozzle moves to Y=135/X=0/Z=0 - but on its way it comes under Z=0! The movement seems not follow the tripod movement. It is not linear, it is more like an arc (very obvious to see). So the nozzles crashes into the bed (I have it on spings, so not a real issue) and finally after all axes reach the final position, the nozzle arrives on Y135/X0.
    Maybe there is a bug for tripod!

    3.) The deceleration of the axes are very hard, not as usual. It looks like the acceleration values are not considered.

    @Sonic300077: do you have a xyz printer or a tripod?

    I think that is a question for Repetier-Support
  • Here's what you say :

  • Dear Sonic300077,
    I admire your source knowledge!!
    Thats over my programme horizont ....
    Can or Should I include the code somewhere?
  • 1) is normal. The pause function originally already moves it out of way and what you descibe and sonic showed you is the normal pause position. Only after reaching this your script is run.

    2) it keeps z=0 but if your updates per seconds for travel moves is low, you can get a bending curve due to nonlinearity. Thats why we want as many updates as our processor can handle.

    3) accelerations are always considered, but travel moves can have different values then print moves. So check your travel acceleration if it is too harsh.
  • ok I understand

    1) ok

    2.) Is that the repeat time?
    In the configuration are 2 fields: "Repeat time after: 500ms" and "Reduce repeat time by: 50ms"
    What values would you recommend?

    3) I think the travel values (speed/acceleration) will also be used at G28 (home position). But at G28 the movements are smoother. So where should I define the travel acceleration?

    Thanks for your help!
  • 2) No, it is
    #define DELTA_SEGMENTS_PER_SECOND_PRINT 180 // Move accurate setting for print moves
    #define DELTA_SEGMENTS_PER_SECOND_MOVE 70 // Less accurate setting for other moves

    3) Same acceleration but different speeds. Check eeprom for effective values, not configuration.h
  • 2) these are the values what I am using already! Should I change these values? (with these values I got the arc with a movement into the -z axes)

    3) Hmm but I print with the current values all the time and never get so harsh stops ...
  • For some reason - frankly I do not know why - it does not move into negative z-axes anymore ...
    so point 2) is gone!

    3) I changed in SDCARD.cpp the maxFeedrate to maxFeedrate/2

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    I put a pause. Change filament axis E remembers the last position, and
    then back to them! how to make that distance that I stretched filament
    deleted! but it turns out that I put filament comes back priter Returns
    the filament back at that distance I put while I filament
  • I'm working on a filament change command. That should solve the problem.
  • edited January 2015
    Okay! to make the E-axis remembers the last position and then returning only software, but not physically

  • edited January 2015
    Yes, thats what makes the change filament routine different. It restarts with the last e position. And it disables e motor after each move so you can better pull out/insert filament.
  • good idea - I will like this feature as well!
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