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Hello, first of all i'm sorry for my english :)

second, i want to show on display (on status screen) time of print.

f.ex. - i slice in CURA - and it show the whole (total) time of printing will be 02:15:20 and save in on the file *.gcode

then i start the printing, and timer start - so if it will be printing half hour from start (begin printing) on LCD show 00:30:00 (this is i care the most of)

excellent modyfication will be show something like this:

time printing (real print time) / total need time (f.ex reading from cura line of gcode)

for example - 00:30:00 / 02:15:20

i hope i make myself clear.

second think is showing after end printing time printing and use filament, so if printing ends, on LCD shows 

but it was not for TOTAL USE, but only for this one printing...

I use repetier firmware 0.92 and the LCD Graphic 12864, Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.4
i know that some of this i can do in RasperryPi, but i don't have one, so i want do this on LCD

It is possible ? 


  • The host software must send printing time. Repetier-Host for example does this. It will also show total filament required and time. On display we can only change status line. Firmware shows used filament so far for the print in the right lower corner of your display.
  • so if i print from SD card - directly from display (without HOST) i can't show on display the real time of print ?

    from begining printing to present time ?

    Only options is use HOST ?
  • Exactly.
  • edited March 2016
    it's not possible to start "counter" (from 00:00:00) when printer starts print ?
    i hope it will be simple add some code

    so my question now is - which rasperry PI i should buy ? (for Octoprint - right ? however i can't install there repetier host ? or can I ? 

    Octoprint or AstroPrint on RPi give me this future what i want ? and some more (i read liitle about it)
  • No, repetier host will not work (well) on a Pi. It's simply too small and slow for it. For the pi we have our Repetier-Server which can then talk with Repetier-Host running on a different pc or also be used stand alone via web interface. But that solution currently has no time preview, only in the next version coming soon.
  • So what is the best solution ?

    Separate PC (linux) with Repetier Server/Host ?

    or something on PI - Astro/Octo Print ?
  •  I like Repetier-Server on a pi and using the web frontend or using it with Repetier-Host.

    Arsto/Octo are alternative solutions but work a bit different, so it is more what you prefer at the end. If they show time I can not say.
  • Thank you very much for you sugest.

    RPi 2 B+ will be ok? or i can use other ?
  • PRi 2 or 3 is recommended for the better performance and more ram.
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