Manual Additions in 92.8 Firmware Configuration page


I was hoping top ask a silly question.
Can someone please explain to me and give me examples where we use the Manual Additions Tab/Page when running the Repetier-Firmware Configuration Tool.

Is this the same as a start up script ?
Can i add my own Custom G-Code in Here ?

thanks in advance.


  • No, what you enter there is added 1:1 at the end of your configuration.h. This is for settings you can not define in the other tabs, e.g. because you use some custom additions or for a own logo.

    start up script has it's own entry in general tab I think.

  • Can i get examples or instructions how you use, configure the manual additions.
  • Just add the defines there like you would in configuration.h directly. No hidden secrets. What exactly do you want that can not be configured directly?
  • i did not have anything planned.
    i saw it was in the configuration tool for the 0.92.8 release, but can't find any details or examples on how to use it....

    was hoping for some online examples of how others have used it...
    i like the idea of being able to config customise.

    is this were i might put something so that i have my extruder fan on, while printing only, and turns off when not printing ?
  • You can define a extruder cooling fan. That gets only turned on when heating or temp. > 50°C. That is what most use for it.
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