z-probing - understanding ask


may be you can help me to understand and make it right....

So fare anything works right.
In Cura G-code i wrote this:
M321 ; Autolevel off
M322 ; Deactivate Autolevelmatrix
g32; z-probe
M320 S2 Autolevel on

So fare I understand, it's not necessary to autolevel everytime, because autolevel parameters are stored in eeprom. So i want to save time with following G-code (as long i dont change anything regarding nozzle and bed):

G0 X120  y114.7 ; move to center
g30 ; z-probe

With this code autolevel still works fine , B U T my nozzle is miles away from my bed!!!!  I cant do anything to get it work.
If I manualy enter "G30" i find the right bed distance in the log - but not at the manual control window for z -distance.

Is it possible to probe with "G30" AND move to real z=0 point, or is there an other smart solution for "quick z-Probe" without probing x-times with "G32"?

Thanks for your help!



  • First G32 will disable autolevel, measure and reenable it, so no need from M320/M321 here. With S2 it stores it to eeprom.

    G30 only measures distance and is used, e.g. for a bed height map in Repetier-Host. It doe snot change Z. There is no shortcut to G32 except homing. After you autoleveled, homing should make your z correct, no tricks required (if stored to eeprom). For this all you need is a z max endstop and you have no problems.

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