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I'm fairly new to 3D Printing/Repetier Host.  Can Repetier host be configured to allow a 3D printer to print a paste or gel?  I already have an extrusion head, but do not know how adjust the flow rate and the layer height.

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  • Extrusion is independent of Material. It is just a matter of finding the steps per mm for the other extruder type.
  • Hi Repetier,

    Thank you so much for the reply!

    I am using PLA filament to drive the piston of a small syringe. 

     I have slowed the flow rate and speed from within Repetier Server, but I do not know how to adjust the layer height along the Z axis.  Initial attempt at printing was a small cylinder.  Medium was a gel (hand sanitizer).  The head (needle) does not rise high enough to clear the first layer while laying down the second layer.  Not sure if that description makes sense.  Here's a link to a video- sorry it's blurry, but if you look at the second pass (layer) of the needle, the needle can be seen passing through the first layer instead of above the first layer.

    Wondering how I can adjust the layer height.

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  • If flow rate needs adjustment you should change steps per mm for extruder accordingly instead.

    Layer height is set in the slicer and has nothing to do with firmware or server. Make sure to increase nozzle diameter or you get an error the layer height is too high. Slic3r allows only layer height < 0.8*nozzle diameter I think it was.
  • Hello Repetier,


    I tried to enter layer heights that seemed appropriate in Cura, but after going through the start-up procedure, the prints aborted. 

    The initial shapes I'm trying to print with gel are simple.  I don't know gcode but I'm guessing gcode could be written that would allow one to print a cylinder having layer heights of 1-2mm?

  • SUre, use a cylindrical STL and cura with layer height 1mm. For curaEngine there is also a nozzle diameter you can set to allow it. I guess here also some correction may grip in if this does not match within tolerances, but I'm not sure here.
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