Change first layers Jerk / Acceleration

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Good morning everyone! I am
searching a way to adjust the acceleration and jerk for the first ''X'' number
of layers. Obviously to help adhesion of the first layer

// ************ Something like

If ( Z < 0.6)


Set jerk;

Set accel;




Load values from EEPROM;



I am using Simplify3D and it has
some speed reducing function (not accel) for the first layer but are very
limited. My best solution so far is the manually add M201 M202 M207 in the

I am also trying to learn how to
make MXXX function within the firmware, this will probably work but I am not
there yet. In Simplify3D there is an ‘’layer change script’’ option that can
push G and M code at every layer change. One of my idea is to create a MXXX function
that is call at every layer and if the height is below Y, it change the parameters.

Any solution?

Thank you!


  • This is really not necessary. All users managed to do without so far.

    Adding this is not quite trivial. You would need to catch G1 moves and flag current state and change on z change the values and call Printer::updateDerivedParameter();

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