Upgrading firmware from .83 to .92


I am running the .83 version of the Repetier firmware and would like to upgrade to .92 so I can use an LCD controller.  I have looked at the Configuration Tool for .92 but there are a lot of questions/settings that I can not answer as I have not run into those settings before.

Would I be correct in that I fill in the settings that I can fine in version .83 and leave the rest as defaults?

The printer is running so well that I am hesitant to upgrade but really want to use the LCD controller so that I do not have to tie up a computer for printing.

Thanks for any help/advise you can offer.


  • Yes, most new things are new features. If you do not use them you also do not need to set the pins etc and can leave the defaults. Just copy values you used before plus display.
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