Mixing colors

I'm trying to do a color mixing print with 4 colors.

I read your : https://github.com/repetier/Repetier-Firmware/blob/work092/doc/Mixing%20extruder%20theory.txt

And also your :


I'm not able to understand this combiantion of numbers :


; Magenta-Brown
M163 S0 P1
M163 S1 P2
M163 S2 P1
M164 S13

; Turquoise
M163 S0 P5
M163 S1 P0
M163 S2 P1
M164 S11

The sum of weight in first case is 4 and in the second case is 6. If I would like to have a mixing of foru colors (the forth color is White or Black + CMY) I'm considering to divide the weights in percentage between the various extruders and so i'm expecting to have the sum =1 or =10 or =100 in any combination of colors......

Sorry if I'm not able to understand, but can you explain me better?

If I would like to have

M163 S0 P10   (10%)
M163 S1 P20   (20%)
M163 S2 P20  (20%)

M163 S3 P50  (50%)
M164 S0

which numbers I have to use with your system?


  • It is quite simple. The sum of all weights is 100%. So if sum is 4 a value of 1 is 25%. That way you can say values are percent or whatever you want. The only restriction is that is a integer value and sum must be at least 1.
  • I can't use the mixed ratio, there is no use tutorial.?
  • If I want to achieve the extruder 1,2,3 work at the same time, reperier- host and slic3r can be realized. If you can develop a configuration used to control the blending proportion?
  • A friend to use the Cura configuration 2 into a mix of color

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