X motor losing steps

I recently upgraded from RAMPS/Mega to RADDS/Due. I'm using Raps128 with 32/1 micro stepping, as I did before.
But now I'm encountering some issues with lost steps, as seen in the picturere.
I've uploaded the latest firmware 0.92.8, but might have have missed something?

Any suggestions on how to approach, would be awesome.

Thank you.

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  • Please check jerk/acceleration for different values. Assuming it worked before and you are not moving faster then before it should work. But as it is only x axis I think one of the settings is not on the right value.

    Alternatively it is from x endstop. Disable always check endstops to see if it comes from that. Especially if moves are always away from x endstop it could be crosstalk with x endstop.
  • Thank you for your reply.

    My jerk/acc are default values, haven't altered them. The check endstops option is already disabled. Could it be a noise issue, regarding the DUE's 3v3 logic being more sensitive to EMF from the PSU, than the old Mega?
  • Printed a few more layers, It looks rather symmetric.

    I suppose it could also be a slicing issue?

  • You have other stepper driver and 3,3v so that can have an influence on crosstalk. So just disable always check endstops and see if it then works. Then twist your endstop cable(all cables should be twisted for that reason) or even shield it to protect for crosstalk.
  • Did you check the current setting ? 
    you get this issue with too low current or otherwise with overheated motor (overheated by too high current).
    if current setting is correct , try to swap the stepper driver from x to y vice versa , if the issue moves to y axis it´s located at the driver
  • The problem is now gone with version 0.92.9. The 1.0.0-dev has a bug shown in the picture.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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