Delta - first layer is fine, second layer crashes into bed?!

New Delta printer.  I've been able to calibrate it fairly easily now.  I can run g32 and g33 commands without issue.  Manual tracking works just fine and in all the correct directions.  

Here is the problem:
- First layer goes down just fine.  Hotend seems to track across the build plate nice and flat everywhere at roughly 0.2mm off the build plate. It stays like this for the entire first layer.
- When it moves to the second layer, it DECREASES the Z height instead of increasing it.  That means the hotend has 0 gap between it and the build plate.



  • Old thread I know, but this might help someone.  I ran into the same issue with my Deltabot and Repetier.  It appears negative values arent allowed to be coded into the gcode files in Repetier, it screws things up.  I use Slic3r and was using a negative value in the "Z offset" field.  Firstly the value did nothing for the first layer, but it did however create catastrophe with the second and subsequent layers until the printer thought it was back into positive territory.   
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