3rd extruder issue

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For some time I have been trying to enable 3rd extruder using Extruder Extender connected to:
EN D44 
on AUX2 RAMPS 1.4 board.

For some reason, when I try to enable 3rd extruder (NUM_EXTRUDER 3) and copy EXT1 settings to EXT2 replacing only port numbers, when ever I try to extrude anything all extruders freeze up and do not move (but they are under power, not disabled).
As I am trying to enable 3rd extruder for Color mixing, EEPROM values for extruders are set (T0 only EXT1, T1 only EXT2, T9 only EXT3).
Does not meter which extruder I try to move first, after any extrude all extruders are powered up and freezed. No movement have been made. (* This is tested when heatend is above 200C).
If I reduce number of extruders (NUM_EXTRUDER 2) all is working fine.

I have tried to only replace EXT2_STEP_PIN, EXT2_DIR_PIN, EXT2_ENABLE_PIN with new ports - no luck
I have tried to add in pins.h:
#define ORIG_E2_STEP_PIN         40
#define ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN          42
#define ORIG_E2_ENABLE_PIN       44
Still not luck.

Only ting that works correct in setup with color mixing and 3 extruders is enable/disable stepper motor. Again, when I reduce same setup to 2 extruders all works fine.

Today, same setup is tested on currect 0.92.8 source trunk from 16.3.2016.

Any idea where to look for issue ?


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    Perhaps my issue is similar to:

    One thing I noticed: While EXT1 and EXT2 have Steps per millimeter EEPROM value, EXT3 does not have it.
    EXT2_STEPS_PER_MM is defined in Configure.h but maybe it is ignored because of EEPROM which do not have this value ?
    Could it be the problem ?

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    Ohh, solution was simple but took me some time.
    It is just requred to replace EEPROM configuration with default values, but increasing EEPROM_MODE.

    Maybe you can put in comments under MIXING EXTRUDER or EXTRUDER NUMBER, suggestion to replace EEPROM configuration after changing those two value to avoid similar issues.
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