Questions about setup repetier firmware

Hi there,

im trying to setting up the repetier firmware at my own printer.

Arduiono Due + RADDS with dual extruder.

I have some questions about the configuration tool and some parameters.

What is the definition about the X,Y,Z lengh? I have a printable place of 400x400x500. My Endstops are placed after that positions. I dont know the exact place but i mean like this. XMIN -20 XMAX 430, YMIN -15 YMAX 440 and so on. What is the value i have to put into this fields?

The next question goes to the Extruders.

I have dual extruders so i have to add a 2nd one in the firmware. So far so good. What is the meaning of the offset of the Extruder? Both extruders are a bit out of the middle of my axis, because of a plasticmount for the E3D Hotend. What is nessessary to locate the offset of each extruder? The Hole of Nozzle to the Middle of Axis? Or is the First Extruder 0,0,0 and the 2nd 0,25,0?

I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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