How to reduce microstepping?

So I am using Repetier Firmware 0.91 with Ramps 1.4 and DRV8825 motor drivers. I was using 1/32 microstepping up to now and had a value of 160 for the x and y steps per mm (using 20 tooth GT2 pulleys, 2mm pitch, 1,8° motor).

For various reasons I want to switch to 1/16 microstepping now. I reconfigured the jumpers (single jumper on MS3) and modified the steps per mm to 80 (formula is here

However, now the axis moves just 50% of the requested value (ex. 50mm instead of 100).

What am I doing wrong? Should I modify anything else in the FW besides the steps per mm?

Thanks you...


  • That does sound weird, In the past I went the other way (1/16 to 1/32) and all I had to do was double my steps per mm.  If you halved the steps per mm in the firmware and it's only going half as far... it feels more like the dip switches are set incorrectly?

  • No, if you set hardware jumper to 1/16 all you need is half steps per mm. If you don't you move the double distance. Since you get now 50% I assume your jumpers are wrong and you still have 32 microsteps.
  • seems you have one of the ramps i have where the jumpers don´t work...its a very cheap one.

    can you measure the voltage on jumper pins without jumper mounted ?
    one side should be 5V, the other 0V .on my ramps there are both pins on 5v so it doesn´t matter
    if jumper mounted or not ... there is no change in microstepping.
    i just bent the pins of drv8825 out so they go beside the socket .
    if you bend them careful you can bend them back also one or two times without breaking them.

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