Diamond nozzle not heating up, unless...

Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa KDE
Repetier-Host V1.6.1
Firmware 0.92.8

Sorry in advance if it came up already. I didn't find it.

Many trials, no cigar.
For each of these trials I uploaded everything anew to the eeprom (with diff. EEPROM_MODE number).

NUM_EXTRUDER 3 and MIXING_EXTRUDER 1 no heating, all extruders turned at the same time, whichever extruder I chose in the right hand corner.

NUM_EXTRUDER 3 and MIXING_EXTRUDER 0 I got only heating when I clicked on the Extruder 3 (in the middle). I got response in the Output Extruder-graphics with each of the chosen Extruders (in the corner), only with Extruder 3 I got heat also.
Only the extruder I chose in the corner turned.

NUM_EXTRUDER 1 and MIXING_EXTRUDER 0 I got heat and movement as expected, but that isn't what I hoped with the diamond. ;-)

Which proofs, in my humble opinion that it is a software question. Nevertheless, when nothing helped I replaced the electronics: no difference.

I suppose that the turning extruders, all together, go with the beautiful mixing options, and that they will be weighted accordingly when the slicing is done.
But now I would be happy with the different filaments, for instance PLA and PVA, together, but not at the same time. I hope that Slic3r does fill in the 100%-0% weights when appropriate but as long I don't get nozzle-heating... ;-(

I use a CNC shield for the third extruder, so obviously I tried things without that PCB, and NUM_EXTRUDER 2: no improvement.

The relevant portions of pins.h:

#define KNOWN_BOARD 1
#define RAMPS_V_1_3

#ifdef RAMPS_V_1_3

#define ORIG_X_STEP_PIN         54
#define ORIG_X_DIR_PIN          55
#define ORIG_X_ENABLE_PIN       38
#define ORIG_X_MIN_PIN          3
#define ORIG_X_MAX_PIN          2

#define ORIG_Y_STEP_PIN         60
#define ORIG_Y_DIR_PIN          61
#define ORIG_Y_ENABLE_PIN       56
#define ORIG_Y_MIN_PIN          14
#define ORIG_Y_MAX_PIN          15

#define ORIG_Z_STEP_PIN         46
#define ORIG_Z_DIR_PIN          48
#define ORIG_Z_ENABLE_PIN       62
#define ORIG_Z_MIN_PIN          18
#define ORIG_Z_MAX_PIN          19

#define ORIG_E0_STEP_PIN         26
#define ORIG_E0_DIR_PIN          28
#define ORIG_E0_ENABLE_PIN       24

#define ORIG_E1_STEP_PIN         36
#define ORIG_E1_DIR_PIN          34
#define ORIG_E1_ENABLE_PIN       30

#define ORIG_E2_STEP_PIN         64
#define ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN          59
#define ORIG_E2_ENABLE_PIN       44

#define SDPOWER            -1
#define SDSS               53
#define ORIG_SDCARDDETECT      49

#define LED_PIN            13
#define ORIG_FAN_PIN            9
#define ORIG_PS_ON_PIN          12

#define HEATER_0_PIN       10
#define HEATER_1_PIN       8
#define HEATER_2_PIN       9
#define TEMP_0_PIN         13  
#define TEMP_1_PIN         14
#define TEMP_2_PIN         15

I hesitate to print also the complete Configuration.h file, but could imagine it is necessary, so please let me know.

Thank you all for any suggestions.
And thank you, people at Repetier, for all that beatiful stuff, which already helped me a lot and without which I would be completely lost.


  • Didn't work with Windows 8.1 either. Still looking for what I did wrong, but giving up hope slightly. ;-(
  • The hotend did not heat up with all 3 extruders in MarlinDev either.
    So perhaps not the sortware, but what could be the culprit then?

    The strange thing remains that in Repetier, with 'MIXING_EXTRUDER 0' the hotend only gets hot with the "last" extruder, so:

    with 'NUM_EXTRUDER 3' only heating up clicking the 3rd extruder,
    with 'NUM_EXTRUDER 2' only heating up cicking the 2nd extruder,
    with 'NUM_EXTRUDER 1' only heating up clicking the 1st extruder (not surprisingly ;-) ).

    Everything else is working ok, in M302: Allow cold extrudes - mode.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
  • Make sure heater pin of extruder 2 and 3 are set to -1. Setting the same pin will make it not work as extruder 1 controls and extruder 2 and 3 will disable that pin every time. And of course enable mixing extruder again.

  • Yess! Thank you. It works and I am very happy about it

    Please tell your beautiful configuration tool about it too. ;-)

    What you say sounds very logical indeed, but so did what your tool said:
    and despite many many hours of trying everything I could think of and whatever I could find on the internet, it never occurred to me to try what you now said..

    And why MarlinDev didn't work either, well, who knows, must be something stupid I did, but for now I finally get to play with a working printer with diamond nozzle and that makes me very happy. :-)
    Thank you.
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