'Repetier-Firmware Configuration Tool' resetting my Extruders temp sensor

First time poster, new Repetier Firmware user, but I've been 3d printnig for a number o years now, am familiar with Sailfish and Marlin.

Just started configuring my firmware.  I'm using a E3d-v6 Volcano hotend, and per their instructions I'm supposed to set this in the configuration.h:
Which I do, and everything works great.

I decided to tweak some settings via the 'Firmware Configuration tool':
So I upload the configuration.h, tweak away, and download the updated version.
I noticed my print quality drop dramatically, mainly layer delamination.  After much troubleshooting, I figured out the EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE had been set to 14 via the configuration tool.

This is completely reproable using the above steps.  So right now, every time I download a new configuration.h I have to manually go back in and reset this value.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is this a bug?  Are there other values that could be reset in the same way I'm not aware of?
Other than that the firware has been working out great.


  • Any chance on this getting fixed?  I just upgraded from 92.8 to 92.9, the bug is still present.  Still sets my temp type back to 14, even though the uploaded value is 8.
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