z-probe and leveling


I have problem with autoleveling, Everything is ok when i do G32 S2 here is log:
Then i slice my stl and print. But my Z axis is not moving to correct bed when something is printed. do my test print look like this (it's not good pic):
Where i made mistake that my bed is still as monument and do nothing?
Here is configuration.h:


  • Do you add the Z-prove gcode (G29) in Start g-code in your slicer?
  • Nope i use G32 S2 command.
    And i try with G32 S2 in start g-code and also do it's manually send G32 S2 then slice and print.
    Effect is the same no compensation in Z axis.
    But i think when you use G32 with S2 parament you do this once (or if you think your bed has moved). You don't need have this in g-code start.
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