Set To Origin


I have  built an CNC mill and use Repetier to control it.
It works great when controlling it from a computer with Repetier Host but in order to print directly from a SD card i need to be able to reset the origin point.
In the LCD menu there is an option "Set to origin" but it doesn't seem to do anything. When checking the coordinates after setting the origin they are still the true coordinates and not 0,0,0.
What am i missing here?

Another question. According to the RepRapWiki about G-Codes it states that the G92 command can be used without any parameters to set position. But in order to make it work i need to specify the parameters like G92 X0 Y0 Z0. Shouldn't just sending G92 itself set the position to X0 Y0 Z0?  


  • No you require to say which axis to reset. At least with repetier firmware.

    Not sure with lcd display but host displays real coordinates. That does not mean G moves do not use the offset. For printers this make sit easier to interpret also I can see that for cnc it might by a bit more difficult then as you need to position for your part.
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