Can't recover from hanging printer

I just upgraded from Repetier Host 1.5.6 to 1.6.1. I noticed the printer locked up during printing, when it got to the second layer it locked up. Usually Repetier is able to recover from this by sending a reset signal to the Arduino (using Arduino + Ramps 1.4). The Disconnect button remained green, and clicking on it didn't do anything. Hitting the emergency stop didn't do anything while the printer kept heating the bed and head. I suspect the usb to serial connection got lost.

Usually unplugging the USB while Repetier is disconnected works without restarting Repetier host. Not this time, I had to close it and start it, then it worked again. Just wanted to report on this. It has happened once, if it happens again I will report back. I've seen that there are some changes to the reset condition in the change log so it may be that causes some issues.

I love the new and improved multi extuder support. Selecting only one extruder will not heat up the other, big thumbs up! Keep up the good work!



  • Serial connection in .NET is a mess due to bad implementation of the base classes. That is something we have unfortunately to live with. Especially on hard serial crashes - whatever happens behind the scenes when this occurs - can irritate the host.
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