Full Graphic Smart Controller Encoder Problem

I just received this kit and I hooked everything up and installed repetier firmware. The LCD lights up, but the encoder doesn't scroll, it can only click. Any solutions to this? 
Repetier 0.92.8

Note: I have never used the smart controller before so hardware problems are possible.  


  • Looks like it want's to be reprapdiscount GLCD compatible. Assuming pins are identical I'd assume that one of the encoder lines do not give signals to the right pins. So check all solders if they have good contact or contact to neighbouring wires and if the cables are connected good. Might also try swapping cables to see if cables are ok.I remember a time where the display alone costs 49$ so I'm a bit surprised how cheap these things get.
  • i have the same issue. hardware is not defect or something because i tried my 2nd display and this has the same issue.
    And the display works on the stable repetier firmeware 0.91
    hope you could help.
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