Can't get repetier to work

Hi Guys

Got our Delta type 3D printer a week ago..Spent the first day trying to get Repetier to work with no luck, via usb and sd card there is nothing. When booting from the SD card nothing happens.

I've also tried with slicer and it seems the limit settings are way off which would cause a breakage... The printer was configured to Cura and works with Cura successfully.

I am just wondering if there are settings on the arduino mega which are configured only for cura which is stopping Repetier to work?

After a week of practice prints Cura is loosing is novelty so really hoping to get on to Repetier.

Many thanks


  • I'm wondering what you are telling us. What has Cura to do with the firmware configuration and why is it in the host section? Does communication work or not work? After all the host only transfers gcodes to printer, which you can change with firmware version.
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