No extrusion from second extruder


I have encountered a problem printing with the second extruder of my 3d printer:
When I want to print a part (with g-code generated by slic3er) using extruder 1, with support material using extruder 2, the printer only extrudes from extruder 1, all movements for extruder 2 are made, but no material is extruded. When I extrude manually, both extruders work fine.
When I write a small g-code-file myself, the print with both extruders also works.

Is there any setting (in slic3er or the firmware?) that could explain this problem?



  • In SLic3r print settings is a tab multiextruder. There you can define which extruder to use for support. Default is 1, which is your problem.
  • I do have selected extruder 2 for support material, and the printer makes the correct movements for the second extruder, including the offset, but it don't extrude any material.
    In g-code, the commands for selecting the two extruders (T0 and T1) are at the correct positions, and the E parameters in print commands are also correct
  • Is extruder 2 hot? It will not extrude if temp. is below min temperature. 

    Also have you tested extruder 2 manually to see if it was configured correct?
  • Ok,
    I have found that the feed rates for extruder 2 are way to small, and started a new discussion in the slic3r category
    Thank you so far
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