Can't compile when using new "Probe only with hot extruder (Z_PROBE_REQUIRES_HEATING)"

Commands.cpp:972: error: call of overloaded 'max(float, int)' is ambiguous

Line 1138 in Commands.cpp

As a side note it would  be nice to have the option to require the bed be headed prior to z-probe....when doing bed mapping the distortion of the bed due to heat seems on some setups to be the major cause of distortion, I hate to create the map then realize I did it cold..extruder temp doesn't figure in this as the probe is not changed by that.  I can see if using a feeler gauge under the head then extruder temp is important.


  • Define ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT as floating point number with a dot and it should compile.

    You are right that bed temperature often changes the bed. On the other side some print cold/hot. I will think about it if a option is the way to go here. 
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