GCODE not what I am expecting.

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I use RepetierHost and slic3r.  In the slic3r application under filament---> cooling I do not have cooling checked.   In slic3r  I have an extruder temp set for 230 for the filament I am using and a bed temp of 50.  After slicing with slicer I see entries like the following in the gcode:  M106 S255 (fan on high) and M109 S200 (set extruder temp).  Where are these values being definded?  and why are they being placed in the gcode since I am not setting them anywhere.  Or if I am I have no idea where.  I looked in the firmware but I did not find them there.  I am lost as to where they are being definded.

I have to edit the GCODE to fix these values.  At a lower extruder temp of 200 my extruder begins to  buck and the print will fail.  



  • Check on host slicer page, There you can override som eslic3r settings - one of them fan. Maybe you did just that.
  • This was the problem area.  Thanks. 
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