Default filament settings used when not selected?

edited February 2016 in General

I've been using repetier host for a while, but this new version seems to insist on using the default filament settings right up until the extruder starts moving. This was frustrating because I even deleted the default settings so that I could use specific settings for ABS, PLA etc, but it just creates another default that overrides my settings until it starts to move. This sets the temp way too low and ruins the beginning of the print. My work-around to is just edit the default for whatever material I am printing, but that defeats the purpose of having other filament settings. Any advice on how to get rid of this would be welcome. Thanks!


  • What slicer are you using, and what did you exactly do? For me the objects are sliced with the filament selected for both slicers. Just be sure to select the filament on the right tab, not the left or in slic3r it self. Host always uses the one in the right slicer tab selected.
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