Machine End Stops

Currently I am using the typical end stops for my machine but they are kind of a pain since they have open surfaces that could ground out if mounted directly to aluminum/other metals.


I want to use the enclosed type end stop but when I hook it up I am not getting the board to recognize it. Is there some setting change I need to use to use this type of end stop over the above type? I see electronics on the above that I dont know if are on the below type since I havent taken a case apart to see what the internals are like. Or maybe I need to add some kind of circuit in line to be able to use this type? I have seen others using them on their builds before so I know they can be used.



  • The electronics is more to have a led go on then for firmware. You need to connect only gnd and signal so that these to get disconnected/connected by switch. Then select mechanical switch with pullup.Dependign on type you have 2 options closer/opener. 
  • I think the issue was I was trying to wire up all 3 wires.
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