beating my head trying to fig-or this out,  M140 S0 in the  end code dose not work, shut off logo comes on, but spikes to full power
 instead of shutting down. the only way to kill it, is emergency stop. not good when ya think its done it parks shuts everything down but then the hot bed passing it's max heat temp.  I tryed  turning on the hot bed, let it heat up a bit then i sent the M140 S0, the logo comes on with the kill logo on or the( line across it) but heat spikes to full what to cow. iam using ver 91 is this a known bug or is this g code not working in this version     


  • dose any one know the g gode for emergency stop so i can take out the M140 comand and put that in its place to shut off heat bed, cant fig-or out in the command line which one it is, better then nothing  
  • found it M112 try that ...    M140 works going up to temp but not down something wrong there 
  • M140 S0 should work. Worked for me and had no reports that it doe snot work.

    But I don't understand what you are talking about logos all the time.

    Make sure that you have not configured something else like a fan for the same pin. So if fan is on and uses the same pin as bed M140 will not go down since fan still keeps it on.
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