Home extra motors

The extra motors feature is very nice to have. But unlike servo's their start position is not clearly defined, nor can it be initiated in a clear way. And most things that are moved by steppers do have a home position, like valves or syringes. It would be very useful to be able to home these things. Then extra axis without advanced speed control would be available.


  • These motors are never meant and never will be able to add new axis during print. They are even only working while not printing and handled in main thread. It is more for changing bed position or clearing bed, such things.

    The design is open, so you can have different drivers also with a homing position or whatever might be needed. That is why you initiate with the right class and all required data. The provided example is just the simple type only moving.
  • Nor do I have the intention to use them during print. But moving something to position X is meaningless if you don't know where 0 is. I tried to move my selves once on a boat, not really knowing where I was, and ended up in the water.
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